March 17, 2018

Rory Gallagher - The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 1976

A Rory Gallagher show from the 1976 U.S. Tour with Lou Martin on keyboards, Gerry McAvoy on bass and Rod de´Ath on drums.
Around 55 minutes of the finest blues-Rory-style-rock recorded at the Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, on the 01st of November 1976 about a month after the release of the album Calling Card.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Garbage Man
02 - Cradle Rock
03 - Tattoo´d Lady
04 - Calling Card
05 - Secret Agent
06 - Do You Read Me
07 - Messin´ With The Kid
08 - Out On The Western Plain
09 - Jackknife Beat


March 15, 2018

Ike Turner & Ikettes Piazza Blues Bellinzona,Switzerland_Jun 26,1999

Piazza Blues_Bellinzona,
Switzerland_Jun 26,1999
Ike Turner, despised by many, but hell can he lead a good band !
Musicians :

Ike Turner, Lenon Honor Jr., McKinley Johnson, Joseph Kelly,
Paul Smith, Lee Miles, Tony Corman, Katrina Lyons,
Jana Bell, Nina Hill, Jeanette Turner
Setlist :

01. Ride In Your New Automobile [4:53]
02. Swanee River Boogie [2:45]
03. After Hours [4:36]
04. I Don't Know[3:38]
05. Rocket 88 [3:16]
06. Rolling Stone [3:45]
07. Land of 1000 Dances[3:12]
08. I Smell Trouble [7:06]
09. I Got My Mojo Working [3:31]
10. I`m The Only One [4:23]
11. Baby Let`s Get It On [3:22]
12. River Deep Mountain High [3:46]
13. With A Little Help From My Friends [2:19]
14. Don't Fight It" (by Wilson Pickett)[2:46]
15. Proud Mary [8:44]
16. Band Introductions [3:13]
17. Nutbush City Limits [6:46]
18. I Want To Take You Higher [6:45]




March 11, 2018

OTIS RUSH Biddy Mulligan's Chicago WXRT-FM 2/2/85

Biddy Mulligan's 
Chicago WXRT-FM  

Otis Rush (born April 29, 1935) is a blues guitarist and singer. His distinctive guitar style features a slow-burning sound and long bent notes. With qualities similar to the styles of Magic Sam and Buddy Guy, his sound became known as West Side Chicago blues and was an influence on many musicians, including Michael Bloomfield, Peter Green and Eric Clapton. Zeppelin covered  I Cant Quit You Babe on their first album !
Rush is left-handed and, unlike many other left-handed guitarists, plays a left-handed instrument strung upside-down, with the low E string at the bottom. He has played often with the little finger of his pick hand curled under the low E for positioning. It is widely believed that this contributes to his distinctive sound.

1) Instrumental
2) Feel So Bad
3) Double Trouble
4) That Will Never Do
5) Right Place Wrong Time
6) Instrumental
7) Trying to Be Nice
8) It's My Own Fault, Baby


ZIPPY                 SOLIDFILES

March 9, 2018

Johnny Winter - Chicago, IL 1970

Guitar lovers, this is for all of you.
Around 60 minutes of never-ending and fantastic soloing by two giants of the matter: Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer.
This recording in Chicago previously available unofficially on a release called White Lightning is shared here from a better source and extra time comparably.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1. Guess I'll Go Away
2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
3. Rock'n'roll Hoochie Koo
4. It's My Own Fault
5. Highway 61 Revisited
6. Johnny B. Goode
7. Mean Town Blues
8. Walking Blues
9. Mean Town Blues


March 7, 2018

Roy Buchanan The Blue Note Boulder, CO 05-24-85

Boulder, CO 05-24-85
Sadly, Buchanan is still fairly unknown to the general public (including scores of guitarists).
Buchanan had a distinctive tone, as can be heard in the live video below. He played his vintage Fender Telecaster through a Fender Vibrolux amp with the tone all the way up (and then some, it seems), using the guitar's volume knob mid-solo to create mesmerizing, keyboard-style effects. Buchanan could play harmonics at will and mute individual strings with his free right-hand fingers while picking or pinching others. He was best known for his gut-wrenching bends and incredibly "pointy" sound. He committed suicide in 1988 at age 48 while in jail for public drunkenness.

Green Onions                       6:35  
Short Fuse                                         3:41
When a Guitar Plays the Blues     5:54
Good Rockin' Tonight     2:51
HonkyTonk                      4:04
Sweet Dreams                      3:30
Night Train                      3:36
Whole Lotta Shakin'                      4:12
Walk Don't Run                      2:17
Peter Gunn Theme                      3:02
Roy's Bluz>                      5:33
// Hey Joe>                      4:08
Foxy Lady                                        6:17
Johnny B. Goode                      4:08  





March 5, 2018

Van Morrison - Down The Avenue In Style (1979)

Van Morrison, also known by music fans as Van the Man, on a performance at the Berkeley Community Theatre on October 21, 1979.
It's was more than time to have a show here by this prolific artist.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Pre-FM broadcast

Track List:
01 - Kingdom Hall
02 - Bright Side Of The Road
03 - Here Comes The Night
04 - You Make Me Feel So Free
05 - Warm Love
06 - Angeliou
07 - Full Force Gale
08 - Moondance
09 - Tupelo Honey
10 - I've Been Working
11 - Brown Eyed Girl
12 - Wild Night

March 3, 2018

Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - Blues On The Mall Downtown 2002


Blues On The Mall Downtown  

Excellent recording here! 
Seen other bootlegs of theirs but never that good quality!
I followed this band since the early 90ies and they never disappoint!
Unfortunately Smokin' Joe died October 11, 2015 
from a heart attack at the age of 58.

Joe Kubek - guitar , Voc.
Bnois King - guitar , voc.
? - bass
? - drums
01 - Intro
02 - Buzz Me Baby
03 - I Ain't Superstitious
04 - Mean Mistreater
05 - I'm Going To New York
06 - That Same Thing
07 - That's All I Want
08 - Band intro > I Got The Worst Heartache I Ever Had
09 - Two Trains
10 - Gotta Have It Right Now
11 - I'm Gonna Leave You Baby
12 - Tell Me Babe
13 - Ride With Me
14 - Announcement
15 - Wish I Was With Ya
16 - Can't See For Lookin'
17 - Changes Made
18 - Mellow Down Easy
19 - Better Things To Do
20 - Mean Old World
21 - Instrumental
22 - Big Legs
23 - I Want My Hands On It
24 - Announcement

25 - Red Rooster
26 - Instrumental Boogie
27 - Outro


March 1, 2018

Faces - Boston Tea Party (1970)

The Faces had a reputation of an excellent live act as this show proves at the Boston Tea Party in 1970.
If you put apart some volume and balance fluctuations the sound is quite reasonable (for the era).
The Faces line-up was Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1. Introduction / Wicked Messenger
2. Shake
3. Devotion
4. Evil
5. Flying
6. Nobody Knows
7. Pineapple and Monkey
8. Plynth
9. It's all Over Now (incomplete)


February 27, 2018

DOUBLE DECKER LIVE Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005 Sonny Rhodes Tom Principato

Last two of the set I got !
Bellinzona Piazza Blues  Festival   2005

 Sonny Rhodes

101 Tryin' To Get You Off My Mind.mp3
Mother In Law Blues.mp3
103 Unknown.mp3
104 I Don't Want No Woman.mp3
Three O' Clock Blues.mp3
106 Down Home Blues.mp3
107 Put The Shoe On The Other Foot.mp3
Think (aka In Case We Both were Wrong).mp3
109 Blues Is My Religion.mp3
River's Invitation.mp3
202 Since I Met You Baby.mp3
Talk To Me Baby.mp3
204 Standing On Shaky Ground.mp3

ZIPPY                    SOLIDFILES

Tom Principato

01 Crazy Mixed Up World.mp3
02 Unknown.mp3
03 Standing At The Crossroads again.mp3
04 Unknown.mp3
05 Til' I Get What I Came Here For.mp3
06 Baptised In Muddy Water.mp3
07 Unknown.mp3
08 Flip, Flop & Fly.mp3
09 Sweet Little Woman.mp3
10 Blues Tango.mp3
11 If Love Is Blind.mp3
12 Congo Square.mp3


ZIPPY                    SOLIDFILES 

February 25, 2018

Muddy Waters - Ontario Place, Toronto 1979

Muddy Waters music was a strong and decisive influence on many of the Classic Rock artists that I have been sharing here.
This excellent recording (but probably incomplete) was played at the Ontario Place in Toronto, during his 1979 north-american tour.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Hoochie Coochie Man
03. They Call Me Muddy Waters
04. Champagne and Reefer
05. County Jail
06. Blow Wind Blow
07. Country Boy
08. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
09. Mannish Boy
10. Instrumental
11. Got My Mojo Workin'


February 23, 2018

J.B. Hutto & the New Hawks Unreleased Album 1982-1984

Unreleased Album  

J.B. Hutto (April 26, 1926 – June 12, 1983) was an American blues musician. Hutto was influenced by Elmore James, and became known for his slide guitar work and declamatory style of singing. He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame two years after his death.
His nephew is Lil' Ed Williams (of Lil' Ed  & the Blues Imperials).

Recorded for Baron Records.
None of these tracks have ever been released. 
Enjoy this truly real collector dream here and sound is perfect! 

01. Sweet Young Thing
Lonely Heartaches
03. Recycled Woman
04. Hide & Seek (live)
05. Instrumental
06. unknown
07. Whas the Matter with the Mill (live)
08. unknown



February 21, 2018

Santana - The Palladium, New York 1978

Top sound for this Santana show at The Palladium in New York City.
It's a 53 minute segment that was broadcast on American radio KSAN.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Zulu
02 Jugando
03 I'll Be Waiting
04 Evil Ways
05 Europa
06 Batuka
07 No One To Depend On
08 Marathon
09 She's Not There
10 Toussaint L' Overture
11 Oneness
12 Transcendance

MP3 - mirror

February 19, 2018

Jeff Beck Group BBC Sessions 1967/68

Jeff Beck 

with Rod Stewart & R. Wood:  
BBC Compilation-March 1967-Sept. 1968



Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Dave Ambrose: March 7, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio off transcription LP (5 min. EX Quality)
Hi Ho Silver Lining, I'm Losing You
(TRACKS 1 & 2)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Aynsley Dunbar:
 July 4, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio off
 transcription LP (7 min. EX Quality) Rock My Plimsoul,
Tallyman (TRACKS 3 & 4)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Sept. 17, 1968 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio off transcription LP (6 min. EX Quality)
Rock My Plimsoul, Shapes of Things (TRACKS 5 & 6)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller,
Dave Ambrose: March 7, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England
BBC Radio broadcast (15 min.) (Broadcast: 03/18/67)
I Ain't Superstitious*, Beck interview, Hi Ho Silver Lining,
 I'm Losing You, Let Me Love You, Stone Cold Crazy.
All EX quality except*,which is VG/EX quality. (TRACKS 7-12)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Aynsley Dunbar: July 4, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (11 min. EX Quality)(Broadcast 07/08/67)(This is the broadcast version, not transcription LP.)
Rock My Plimsoul, Tallyman (TRACKS 13-14)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Nov. 1, 1967 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (16 min. EX- Quality)(Broadcast 11/05/67)
I Ain't Superstitious (w. cuts), Beck's Bolero,
You'll Never Get To Heaven, You Shook Me,
 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
(TRACKS 15-19)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Sept. 17, 1968 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (19 min. EX Quality))(Broadcast 09/29/68 & repeated 11/03/68)
You Shook Me, Rock My Plimsoul, Shapes of Things,
 Mother's Old Rice Pudding, Sweet Little Angel
(TRACKS 20-24) 




February 18, 2018

Cheap Trick - Kobe, Japan 1980

Cheap Trick live power in front of one of their most faithful audiences, the Japanese.
A show from August 19th 1980, just two 2 months before releasing the album All Shook Up. However no songs from that one are played.
It's from a soundboard source with low volume on the guitars but the drums and voice are very present.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Opening
02 - Hello There
03 - Clock Strikes Ten
04 - I'll Be With You Tonight
05 - Southern Girls
06 - California Man
07 - Good Girl
08 - On Top Of The World
09 - Can't Hold On
10 - Everything Works If You Let It
11 - Gonna Raise Hell (cut out)
12 - Day Tripper (cut in)
13 - Voices
14 - Ain't That A Shame
15 - I Want You To Want Me
16 - Surrender
17 - Dream Police
18 - Hello There